Service Offering

I get often asked about the topics where I might come in. So here is a list of the most common topics that I am concerned with. Since the nature of technological challenges always is quite individual, there is never a one-fits-all solution. Hence, let us speak first about your issues, and we will find out soon whether I might assist you.

  • Startup Boost
    Idea Validation, Stakeholder Selection, Strategic Positioning, Feasibility Check, Bottleneck Analysis, Solution Review, Business Plausibility, Financing, Company Setup, Mentoring
  • Consulting
    Technology Assessment, Feasibility Check, Software Architecture, Software Integration, Risk Analysis, Time and Cost Estimates, (Technical) Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Study
    Solution Check, Architecture Review, Competence Evaluation, Project Structure, Skills Assessment, Schedule Plausibility, Cost Estimates
  • Talks, Workshops & Training
    Talks on Events and Conferences, Tailored Workshops on different Levels (Innovation, Evaluation, Conceptual Design, Optimization), Technology Training
  • R&D Public Funding
    Funding Possibilities, Funding Strategy, Proposal Design, Technical Setup, Formulation, Goals and Reasoning, Supervision, Follow Ups
  • Project Management
    Reviews, Project Planning, Team Setup, Infrastructure Setup, Networking and Collaboration, Supervision, Counselling
  • Contracting & Outsourcing
    Networks, Partnerships, Development Strategies, Risk Assessment, Best Practices, Intellectual Property, Supervision