Digital Consultant Marcus Hassler

Passion for Innovation, Improvement and Impact

I have been enganged in large-scale applications based on data and text analytics. Taking part in numerous challenging projects and ventures I gained a lot of practical experience in arbitrary fields including finance, insurance, medicine, social media, marketing and media clipping.

CDC Certificate       DSGVO Certificate       Digital Consultants       Austro Digital       DurchSARTer Gr√ľnderservice

Skills & CV Experience Publications

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Service Offer

Empowering people and companies to deal with the challenges in the digitial world through

  • Consulting

    Learn about new technologies and how they improve your business

  • Planning

    Get early stage support to set up your projects appropriately

  • Training

    Improve your inhouse skills in workshops and training classes

  • Leading

    Benefit from external expertise to realize your goals in time and budget


  • Digitalization Consulting

    National and regional digitalization initiatives provide you with a risk-free jump start into your digital future.

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  • Infrastructure and System Consulting

    Often, infrastructure and system decisions are the toughest, because they impact future business processes: Well-founded advice is crucial.

  • Technology Consulting

    When it comes to determining the best technology for your solution, an insight into different alternatives helps you choose the best option.









Fields of Operation

In order to apply new technologies successfully a deep understanding of the underlying tasks, processes, and goals is necessary. This is why domain experts and technologist have to cooperate to achieve optimal results. My major work focused on the following domains so far.

  • Real-time news analytics and big data to predict and trade financial markets


    News Trading, Market Prediction
  • Incident analysis, risk management, and fraud detection for insurance companies


    Risk Analysis, Fraud Detection
  • Guideline-based monitoring and recalling of patients and doctors for treating chronical diseases


    Guideline-based Monitoring, Injury Severance Extraction
  • Listen to customer voices and learn from the crowd to improve B2C solutions

    Social Media

    Brand Perception, Election Prediction

I really want to make a difference! I truly enjoy contributing to a great idea.

Developing innovative solutions with motivated and clever people gives that extra something

Noone wants software that is too simple. Noone understands software that is to complex. The truth is somehwere in between.

Everything revolves about the people you are working with. Not the companies, nor the departments, or institutions.


Over the years, I explored numerous technologies and enhanced my management skills. After completing my degrees in mathematics and informatics and a subsequent PhD in computer science, I co-founded econob, a company, which develops complex software systems and applications. This is how I get constantly in touch with outstanding people, tricky challenges and prospering businesses.

  • Data Analytics

    Retrieval, Storage, Management, Standardization, Optimization, Versioning, Aggregation, Prediction

  • Text Processing

    Languages, Encodings, Structures, Numbers & Values, Semantics, Events, Extraction, Search, Mining

  • Big Data

    Distribution & Parallelism, Storage, Shared Memory, Query Languages, Map-Reduce, Hadoop

  • Development

    Architectures, Frameworks, Interfaces, Processes, Project Setups, Implementation, Integration

  • Funding

    Public Funding, Investors, Business Plans, Patents

  • Cooperations

    Partnerships, Contracting, Business Development

  • Communication

    Consulting, Presentations, Workshops, Training

  • Management

    CEO, CTO, Business Strategy, IP, Startups, Teams